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Terms And Conditions Of The Sureway Moving & Storage Referral Program

The Sureway Moving & Storage Referral Program (henceforth the “Program”) allows people who promote the moving and storage services (henceforth “Referrers”) to earn points for each client (henceforth “Referred Person or Referred Persons”) who, when recommended by a Referrer, hires Sureway Moving & Storage Services (henceforth “Sureway Moving”).
The points can be redeemed by the prizes specified by Sureway Moving according to the conditions expressed below and each referrer, when enrolling in the program, accepts these conditions.

How to get points with invitations?

Sureway Moving Referrers can earn points if:
1- A guest clicks on the invitation link to request a service that meets the Sureway Moving Terms of Service.
2- The guest completes a quote request on the Sureway Moving website
3- The invited friend completes a quote request by telephone
4- The quotation request ends in a valid contract for Sureway Moving services and is paid in full


The Sureway Moving Referrer will not be able to get points for Referrals from people or companies that:
1- Have not been invited by the Referrer.
2- Do not complete the payment or do not pay for the contracted services completely and to the satisfaction of Sureway Moving.
3- The Referred who for any reason demanded, or requests a refund either in cash or with the credit card used to make the payment.
Sureway Moving reserves the right to resort to any resource, including the cancellation of the account and the cancellation of the points in case of fraud, manipulation, violation of the Terms of Service or in case of technical errors.

A Valid Sale

A valid sale must be made for the minimum total value of $200 (not including tax) indicated on the Sureway Moving bill. Any discount or additional increase will be considered as the valid amount with which the corresponding points will be assigned. A sale that is not considered a valid sale will not generate any type of awards or points. Since total value may change, the sale must be made and paid to Sureway Moving, and the Referred must have completed the service for the Referrer to receive the corresponding points and this can take up to a week, after the service has been rendered.

Redeeming the points

The points have an equivalent value of one point for each dollar of the invoice of a valid sale minus tax or any other discount. For example, a sale of $300 will generate 300 points once the sale is paid.
Points can only be exchanged once obtained and after 30 days of completion. Points will be reflected as such in the Sureway Moving Referrer portal.
Points must be used within one year from the date they are granted. After one year, points will expire.

Points are issued for promotional purposes, they have no monetary value and cannot be transferred or redeemed for cash.
No points can be earned by creating several Sureway Moving accounts.

Points accumulated in different Sureway Moving accounts cannot be combined in one account. If, for any reason, it is considered that there is a discrepancy in the credit balance of points, please contact us. Sureway Moving may ask you to provide additional information to make a decision about it. All decisions regarding the crediting of points will be final and will be taken at the sole discretion of Sureway Moving.
Any tax liability, if any, resulting at the time of exchanging or using the points, will be the responsibility of the owner’s account. When applicable, it is possible that Sureway Moving has to assess the total of the prizes awarded for tax purposes.

Sharing invitation links

Invitations should only be made on a personal basis. It is forbidden that Referrers:
1- Pay for publishing their invitation links.
2- Identify themselves as employees or members of Sureway Moving.
3- Hire or commission third parties for distribution of links of invitations.

Referred People

Referred persons who become clients using a valid invitation link will receive credit in the form of a discount on the amount of the service contracted. The amount of this discount and its application is subject to the sole discretion of Sureway Moving and may be applied or not.

Multiple Invitations

The Referrer can only use a single invitation link. If a Referred person receives several Sureway Moving invitation links from Referrers, the first one to be registered will be the one that will obtain the corresponding points.
This Program cannot be combined with other Sureway Moving programs or incentives. If a Referred person receives several invitations, it will not be possible to combine them to obtain a greater discount amount.


If any of the present provisions is considered null, invalid or not applicable, said provision (or the part that is declared null, invalid or not applicable) will be invalidated, without affecting the validity and applicability of the remaining provisions.

Resolution and Changes

Sureway Moving may suspend or cease the Program, or the ability of a user to participate in it, at any time and for any reason.
Sureway Moving reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove points if it detects any activity that it considers abusive, fraudulent or contrary to the Terms of Service or the Terms of Payment of the Sureway Moving Service. Sureway Moving reserves the right to review and investigate all activities of invitation, and to withdraw accounts or modify invitations at its sole discretion to the extent that it considers it fair and appropriate.
The scope, variety and type of prizes one can get by redeeming points may change at any time and without prior notice.

Updating of the Conditions

Sureway Moving may update these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If these conditions are modified, Sureway Moving will publish the modification on the website, applications or services of, and this will be effective at the time of its publication. If a Referrer continues to use the Program once any modification has been made, Sureway Moving will consider that the Referrer accepts such modification.
The Referrers accept that this plan is simply an incentive to reward new clients that are referred and that as it is a gift, it is solely the will of Sureway Moving to grant them or not; besides, it does not create any type of contract or commercial obligation between the parties that could be sued in courts of law.

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