Many movers choose to store household items while making the transition into a new home or office. This gives you time to get settled while excess belongings wait in a warehouse.

We can store your belongings at our facilities as part of the moving process, holding them until you are ready to move into your new home or office.

As a leader in the moving industry, Sureway Moving and Storage in Aventura Fl provides top tier moving and storage solutions to both residential and commercial movers.


Sureway is also a full-service storage facility with two locations.

One conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale with easy access from the Interstate 95.

And the other in Miami Gardens very near to the Palmetto Expy (826)

We offer a service for PACKING, transportation, organization, and delivery of your belonging even if you are not present.


For the most secure long-term and short-term storage solutions, we offer fully-enclosed storage units also called vaults.

In contrast with a typical self-storage arrangement, all of your goods will be protected and professionally loaded into your own personal storage units.

All our storage units are 16 ft. portable wooden storage units and are safe, reliable, and you’ll never share space with another customer’s belongings.

On average, these storage units hold a room to a room and a half of furniture and boxes. You can rent as many or as few units as you need

(754) 248-2394


(954) 523-5999



  • 25 Years in the business
  • We’re in your neighborhood
  • Convenient access hours
  • Individual vaults
  • Clean, dry and secure facilities
  • Free and fast reservations
  • Convenient rates
  • No credit card required
  • No minimum contract obligation
  • All rentals are month-to-month

We do all the work for you…and usually for significantly less money than it would cost to rent space at a self-storage facility.

Whether you need a move with storage in Aventura Fl, want a pick up for your storage, or drop off your storage yourself, the next step is to request a free, no-obligation estimate or give us a call at 954-523-5999.


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When you need trusted storage in Aventura FL, consider Sureway Moving and Storage solutions. No matter what you need to store, and no matter what kind of storage you need, we can provide it for you. From Office files to vehicles and home appliances, we’ve got the units you need at unbeatable prices.

We Provide Clean, Safe Storage Facilities

At Sureway Moving and Storage, our professional groundskeepers regularly clean and maintain all of our storage units and facilities. Making sure units are sanitary, free of trash and debris, and clean at all times is a top priority for us. Plus, we keep a close eye on the storage units to ensure burglary and theft never occur. Add in our high-tech cameras watching the grounds 24/7; criminals would be targeting the wrong storage units if they picked ours!

Storage to Meet Your Needs

Whether you need to minimize the furniture in your home for the sake of a more productive estate showing; Whether you’re moving but your new place isn’t ready for all your stuff yet; Whether you just want to minimize the clutter in your new home but don’t want to get rid of your excess belongings; No matter what your need is, we’ve got storage options that will suit your needs!

Sureway Moving and Storage offers different sized climate-controlled storage vaults in our clean and safe storage warehouse. Whether you have a small, medium, large, or extra large size load, we can store it for you at Sureway Moving and Storage, safe and sound. We can also assist you with portable storage containers that can travel with you. Just tell us what your storage needs are, and we’ll provide you with the perfect affordable solution.

Moving Your Belongings into Storage

In addition to offering comprehensive storage options, we also provide moving services. If you are someone who is physically limited, doesn’t have the time, or doesn’t have the trucks or the manpower to move your belongings from Point A to Point B, Sureway Moving and Storage is glad to assist in this regard as well. We have all of the necessary tools, trucks, equipment, and men to move even the heaviest furniture and appliances into storage. We can also accommodate large storage items, such as boats, 4-wheelers, jet skis, etc.

We are Fully Insured

We also offer comprehensive insurance coverage to make sure that every one of your belongings is protected in the event of an emergency or unforeseen occurrence. For example, if a fire happened, if someone drove a semi truck through the wall, or if a tornado knocked the structure off its foundation, our insurance would reimburse you for the cost of all of your items.

Go the Sureway

The choice is clear; if you need quality yet affordable storage in Aventura FL, choose Sureway Moving and Storage. We’ve got the resources you need, and we’ll even help you get your stuffed moved into storage. To learn more, feel free to reach out any time.

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