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How does it work

  1. Click on the Sign-up button.
  2. Fill the form and receive your first 300 points, just for joining the program.
  3. Share your affiliate link with your contacts and friends through text messages, Facebook, E-mail or Whatsapp. If you have a website you may add a link too.
  4. Receive one point for every dollar that your refereés spend in a moving and storage service.
  5. Accumulate points and exchange them for the desired prize.

Why you should join our plan

  1. By referring to your friends, family or customers a quality moving service you help them to have a better and easy experience when they have to move or need storage services.
  2. Your confidence in us and your active promotion of our services is rewarded with amazing prizes.
  3. The people that you refer receive a 5% discount in their next move and storage service, and you earn rewards, so everybody wins.

Who can participate in this program?

  • Realtors.
  • Appliance or furniture stores.
  • Homeowners or community rental associations.
  • Any company, families or persons that usually use or know about moving services requirements.


  • Our referral program offers great rewards while ensuring that minimal effort and NO cost is required on your end.
  • You can see your the results of your suggestions and the accumulated points through your dashboard.
  • For more information please read policies and conditions.



8,000 points


6,500 for the first move


5,000 points

Apple Watches

4,000 points

Theme Parks

3,000 points

Hotel Stays

2,500 points


2,800 points

Fine Dinings

2,000 points

Join our program now!

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