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When you need public storage in Boca Raton, there’s only one name to consider. Sure Way Moving & Storage is pleased to offer our clients, secure, clean, convenient access storage in our facility. Speak with our staff about renting a storage space that fits your needs and your budget- we can help you save money by calculating the right size.
Everyone seems to accumulate a lot of belongings and there isn’t always room for them in your home or apartment. You don’t need to throw away or sell your beloved furniture and other items because you may need to use them again. The best thing to do is to find a public storage in Boca Raton where your things will be safe and secure.


Storage offers a way to hold your important items for future use. You can get them out of the way so you won’t need to deal with them. Whether you are preparing for a move or simply need to clear out some space in your home, public storage in Boca Raton is the best solution. Storage is a safe, convenient and affordable way to protect your household or business possessions for any period of time. You won’t need to worry about protecting your items from damage such as rain when you utilize a storage facility.

Do I Need To Sign A Lease With a Storage Facility?

One of the best things about our public storage in Boca Raton is that you don’t need to sign a lease. Our rentals are month to month so you can stay as long as you like without obligation. We don’t require a credit card and there is no minimum length of stay required. Each of our units provides 16 feet of portable wooden storage. The units keep all of your belongings safe and secure and away from any other people’s property. The size of the units makes them ideal for about a room or room and a half of furniture and boxes. You can rent as many storage units as you need for your possessions.

How Can I Access My Belongings When They Are in Storage?

We offer easy and convenient access to your storage unit six days a week. We have two locations that are available for your convenience. Unlike typical storage facilities, our public storage in Boca Raton provides safe and secure handling of your unit by our team. Your items are completely protected until you need them. Then, we will bring your unit down to you where you can have access to it. Everything is handled for you and the units are less expensive than traditional self-storage spaces.

How Can I Choose A Public Storage Facility?

Choose public storage in Boca Raton based on several factors including reliability, experience, location, affordability and safety. You want to make sure that your items will be protected from harm and are available to you when you need them. Choose a storage facility with a convenient location and accessible hours if you need to get access to your things. Count on the expertise and professionalism of the storage facility experts to handle your belongings with the care you would expect.
You may choose to have your unit picked up or dropped off and delivered if you prefer. Contact Sureway Moving & Storage for all your moving and storage needs.

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