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  • SMALL BOX: 1.5 – 2 cubic feet. Best used for small items. (sample picture)
  • MEDIUM BOX: 3 – 3.5 cubic feet. This box is good for smaller household goods or even children’s toys. (sample picture)
  • LARGE BOX: 4.5 – 5 cubic feet. This moving box is best for larger objects such as bedding sets, or medium appliances. (sample picture)
  • EXTRA LARGE BOX: 6-6.5 cubic feet. Mostly for large household appliances. (sample picture)
  • CORNER PROTECTORS: A four-piece protectors that can be used for your mirrors, artwork, or any items with 4 corners. (sample picture)
  • WARDROBE MOVING BOX: This box allows clothes to be transported on hangers. (sample picture)

Packing Material:

  • PACKING PAPER/NEWSPRINT: to wrap everyday items to prevent any cosmetic damages.
  • BUBBLE WRAP: Used to wrap small delicate items, or when wrapping large fragile items.
  • PACKING TAPE: plastic transparent take, 1.5 -2 inches best for packing.
  • WARDROBES: This is what we call a “moving blanket” that can protect any fragile items during transportation.

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