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Hire the best moving company in Weston and rest easy knowing we have our best movers on the job during your relocation. At Sure Way Moving & Storage, we understand that the moving experience is one that can be stressful for our clients, which is why we work hard to eliminate the typical hassles and complications most-often experience during the process.
There is one way to solve your troubles in packing, storing, or moving your belongings. Sureway Moving and Storing is one of the leading moving company in Weston, Florida that you can trust. We have more than 25 years of servicing various areas around the state including Miami and Broward County. Thus, we consistently mold our reputable brand from the shared trust of our partner institutions, agencies, and establishments that continuously trust, support and patronize our services.

Moving Company in Weston and Our Top Services

Sureway caters various moving services based on the type of client, organization, or institution that we served. We have a local type of moving which can either be a residential or commercial type, the long distance moving which is composed of interstate or international moving system and storing or packing services.
Our company is membered with an array of skilled movers and packers who are well versed with various strategies and safety measures in handling different types of valuables, equipment, fragile objects, and other belongings. They can adjust their service approach based on the needs of each client, thus, customizing the service to fully attain customer satisfaction and can responsively act on various unexpected circumstances that might arise during the transportation period. Our staff is well trained, friendly, and approachable in accommodating clients regarding their queries or concerns. We are also fully insured and licensed to accurately cover any unforeseen damage or break. Also, you can conveniently enjoy fully covered, hassle-free, and on-time service at a reasonable cost.
In terms of facilities, we can handle any heavy-duty or lightweight belongings as we are well equipped with state of the art materials, storing and moving equipment which ensures a safer way of transporting your valuable things including grand pianos, vaults, fragile tools, apparatuses, and many others. You just have to indicate these valuables during the consultation so that we can accurately plan the approach that we are going to apply in the service as well as the right gear and tools to be used.
With the consultation as the first part of requesting for our service, you can extensively inform us with all the details necessary and are related to the moving or packing service; and at this procedure, you already need to indicate all the add on services that you want to request in order to produce the most accurate plan in moving, storing, or packing your things.
In addition, the cost for each service varies depending upon the type of moving service you need, the weight of belongings involved in the transport, and the distance required to travel in moving in. also, you can both request for the moving out and moving in service at the same time so that the team who packed your things will also be the one to do the unpacking. In this way, it would be easier for them to secure the objects since they are more familiar with the specific items that need additional care or attention.
Do not hesitate to reach us through any of the indicated contact details provided in this article. You can visit the Sureway Moving and Storing website at to know more about the details of each catered service as well as the latest updates of our offers and specifications of services. For immediate response, you may also reach us by phone at 954 523 5999 or email us at

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