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Few moving companies in Coral Gables bring as much experience to your move as our team from Sure Way Moving & Storage. We have years of expertise to draw from to ensure your next relocation is a positive experience. Before you agree to hire another mover, speak with one of our pros to learn about the benefits of hiring Sure Way.

Our services include Local Moving, Long Distance Moving, Packing Supplies, and Storage solutions. We are one of the most reliable moving companies in Coral Springs, FL. We are dedicated to providing outstanding residential and commercial moving services. 

Whether you are relocating from or to Coral Spring or any other city in Florida, we are the right moving experts to handle the task.

In addition, our services are reliable, detailed, and highly professional. We serve individuals, families, and businesses in Coral Springs and the entire Florida area. We promise to dedicate every available resource at our disposal to execute your moving and packing. Our ability to offer outstanding moving services make us the preferred moving company for a lot of clients in the area.


Professional moving entails more than moving and packing household items and belongings. The entire process must be efficient and well organized. Some reasons that make us one of the best moving companies in Coral Springs include:

Efficient and Well-Organized Services

At Sureway Moving & Storage LLC, our services are efficient and well-organized. Our expert moving crew will handle all the processes involved in your moving and packing. We will pack your household items and belongings and arrange moving boxes.

Our experts will also load all moving boxes and items into the moving truck. Boxes will be clearly labeled for easy identification. Our movers will also disassemble furniture pieces, large appliances, electronics, and reassemble them back on reaching your new space.

Professional Movers

We work with a qualified team of well-experienced, trained, and competent movers. All our movers have undergone comprehensive training on how to safely handle all kinds of items. We can move large appliances, pianos, safe boxes, and other valuables safely. We will get the job done in ways that will surpass your expectations.

Safe and Secure Moving

In addition, we have a reputation for providing safe and secure moving. Our minimal record for lost or damaged items speaks for us. Everything will be done to ensure that your items are delivered to your place in excellent condition.

We Provide Moving Supplies

Also, we will provide the moving trucks and other moving supplies needed for your move. These include moving boxes, shrink wraps, furniture wraps, tapes, pads, stretch wrap, dollies, foil, and lots more. With this, we can protect your belongings from dents or scratches while keeping all items organized.

Affordable and Personalized Services

Our moving services are affordable, reliable, and detailed. We can offer you a personalized solution depending on your moving needs. Everything will be done promptly and excellently. With us, you are guaranteed to get exceptional moving services that will surpass your expectations.

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In case you want to know more about our moving services, contact us today at Sureway Moving & Storage LLC. Our experts will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. 

We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. An amazing experience awaits you.


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