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There are numerous moving companies in Coral Gables that can help you move your belongings from point A to point B. If you’re looking for personalized service, reliable moving experts, and the best rates in Coral Gables, make your next phone call to Sure Way Moving & Storage to schedule your upcoming move.
There are many moving companies in Coral Gables offering everything from assembly and delivery to more traditional services. Providers include both hourly and flat rate movers. SureWay moving and Storage offers professional movers in Coral Gables to help you securely and efficiently get from point a to point b.

What services do movers offer?

Moving companies offer more than just residential and commercial assistance. Package delivery, assembly, storage, and the transportation of bulky items all fall beyond traditional duties.
damage such as dollies, blankets and straps. You won’t need to worry about a thing when you count on the experts.
Movers are well versed in the safety standards and logistics required by a variety of complicated tasks. A degree of coordination between different companies and authorities is necessary when moving overseas. The local college student or your friend cannot provide the level of sophistication required to ensure your hard-won assets arrive safely in a distant port.

How do moving companies charge for their services?

Moving companies have a passion for helping but also exist to make money. The two major fee structures are flat-rate or hourly. In Coral Gables, hourly rates reach as high as $59 per hour. A flat rate quote is a terrific option for long distance moving.
When planning to relocate, make sure you uncover all charges. Packaging material, boxes, assembly, and storage may cost extra. We try to be as honest as possible to help you make the best decision possible.

Can I store my furniture with a mover?

Moving sometimes requires storage. A lease on one office or apartment may terminate well before your new term begins. Our company provides monthly units to make this process easy.
For added peace of mind, it is essential to find a facility with locks, gated entry, or other measures to protect your furniture. A reputable storage facility accounts for you and your assets.

Where can I find quality moving companies in Coral Gables?

Quality, speed, and care are all necessary considerations when relocating. Your mover needs to have as much concern for your love seat as your heirloom china. Vehicles that are both mechanically and aesthetically maintained are preferable. Finding someone on a self-help website will not offer the same level of protection as a company either.
Professionals are required to have liability insurance and will work with you to make the process seamless and straightforward. Our company offers state of the art facilities and vehicles as well as professional staff to give you peace of mind.

Should I purchase moving insurance?

Accidents happen, even among the best movers. We take great pains to avoid problems. An occasional brake check from another driver or slip is not always avoidable. Companies such as Geico and State Farm offer additional protection for as little as $250.

Insurers compensate you fully and quickly while dealing directly with the company.

It is recommended to obtain insurance.

Moving companies in coral gables are plentiful. You need to hire the best. SureWay Moving and Storage provides quality service at a reasonable flat rate cost. We would love to be your moving company. Contact us today to find out more.

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