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Don’t waste time calling around to moving companies in Boca Raton when the best rates and services are available at Sure Way Moving & Storage. We’ll save you time and money when planning a move, not only by eliminating the need to collect moving quotes, but also by providing streamlined services that make your relocation more enjoyable.

Minimalists will argue that there are many benefits to getting rid of all but the basic possessions and living life focused not on material things but on “what really matters”. These include such things like peace of mind, happiness and less clutter around your house. These all are valid reasons to adopt a minimalist lifestyle but most articles about minimalism exclude one of the greatest reasons: That when it comes time to move you simply pack up your few possessions and be on your way!

Fortunately, especially for the USA economy, most of us prefer to keep our easy chairs, our 60-inch HDTV’s, our memory foam mattress and all our possessions that make life enjoyable in this great country. Most normal people can find happiness and peace of mind with a house full of possessions except when it comes to moving day. That is when we envy minimalists.
Americans relocate for any number of reasons and one popular destination is the State of Florida. The moving companies in Boca Raton such as Sureway Moving and Storage LLC is on the way to help you rid of your minimalist thoughts.

Use Sureway for the “Sure Way”

Sureway Moving and Storage has been in business since 1994 and has helped many people relocate over those 25 years. Be it a local move from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach or a move across the country to the west coast, Sureway will handle the details for a small apartment or an expanding business. And if you simply want to try out minimalism, Sureway will be happy to put your excess belongings in storage should you change your mind at a future date.

You may be tempted at first to move as a DIY task using a rental truck and well-muscled friends who will work for pizza and beer. The risks here are obvious. A back injury to a person not trained in the proper way to move a heavy load could cost you a lot of money. And what happens when your college buddies decide that they want to eat pizza and drink beer before moving your boxes of heavy books into a third story apartment with no elevator?

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Planning and Logistics

The next phase in moving is the planning stage and this is when professional movers like Sureway Moving and Storage will prove invaluable. They will provide an estimate that is based on logistical factors like the size of the move, staircases and even the distance from your front door to where the moving truck is parked. You will need to decide if you will pack some of your smaller items and clothing yourself or simply let Sureway do the complete job if your budget permits.
Finally, anyone that has seen a professional mover in action with a heavy sofa compared to the clumsy attempts by untrained movers will quickly realize that hiring a professional mover like Sureway Moving and Storage LLC is the right choice. People looking for more information about moving companies in the Boca Raton and Broward County area can call 954-523-5999. For the Miami Dade area, the number is 754-248-2394 or people can send an email to or use the online form.


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