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Call on the most reputable movers in Coral Gables at Sure Way Moving & Storage when comparing moving quotes- you’ll find we offer money-saving services, moving tips, and professional advice and assistance throughout your entire relocation. No other moving company cares as much about your move as Safe Way Moving & Storage.
Hard-working, honest, and fast are all qualities you want in a trustworthy moving company. SureWay Moving and Storage uses only the best movers in Coral Gables, Florida.


Do not hire the college kid down the block when you set off for a new port. Your goods are worth the care that a great moving company provides. No one should move between cities, states, or even a few feet without taking the time to find a company that protects the assets you worked for years to obtain.
The best moving and storage companies are established, have excellent facilities, and provide employees that show the same standard of care you take around your furniture. They wrap and pack your furniture with skill rather than haphazardly, treating the footstool as delicately as your heirlooms.
Another important consideration in choosing companies is their rate. Movers offer either a flat rate or hourly services. Hourly rates reach as high as $59 with a truck in the Coral Gables area. A flat rate is perfect for moving long distances without spending too much.
We treat moving as an experience, and our customers recognize this. Along with a flat rate, we provide secured storage facilities.

How do I move my furniture internationally?

Relocating across town is common. Moving overseas or even to the country is different. You need to find a low cost and reputable international mover. Several factors influence international moving rates. Issues include whether you wish to move your furniture by air, land, or sea. Expect an additional $1500 – $4500 cost and find a flat rate quote. Our company arranges your shipping and provides all services at a single rate.

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Where can I find a commercial moving company in Coral Gables?

Businesses have more needs than a typical residence. The furniture may be larger, computers and electronics require special attention, and assembly and disassembly are often needed. Look for a company that provides storage, assembly, and packing.

If storage is required, it is crucial to find a secure facility. Locks and gate access add peace of mind to while you get everyone situated.

The location offers an added benefit as well.

SureWay moving and Storage provides these services in the greater Miami area including Coral Gables. We have experienced staff ready to take care of your belongings from points a to b and beyond

Can I insure my goods when I move?

Insurance is available through qualified companies. Do not be scammed into purchasing this form of protection through a moving company directly. Instead, Geico, State Farm, and most other providers offer insurance in some way.

Still, most states itemize damage by the pound, only guaranteeing 60 cents per pound. Insurers reimburse you adequately for any loss without the burden of a lawsuit.

A typical rate hovers around $500 for $50,000 in goods. Florida have many moving companies. SureWay moving and Storage is an experienced company ready to protect your greatest or smallest asset. Call us today to find out about our flat rate movers in Coral Gables.


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