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Looking for movers in Deerfield Beach? You’ll find a team of qualified moving experts available for your upcoming relocation when you reach out to Sure Way Moving & Storage.

Call our movers for full-service relocation help, from moving and packing tips and assistance to customized moving services that meet your needs.


If you are looking for any local moving services for your belongings, try the leading movers in Deerfield Beach company, the Sureway Moving and Storage. We are one of the top providers of best and moving service providers in Deerfield Beach and other areas in Florida such as Miami Dade and Broward County.

Movers in Deer Field Beach Service Specification

We cater all types of services either for residential, commercial, local and long distance moving services as we cater each service with the customized approach of packing methods that suitably tailor your needs and requirements that you want to add to safeguard your belongings.
When it comes to a long distance travels that requires a moving service, we ensure to produce an accurate plan first regarding the type of belongings to pack, the weight of equipment or fragile objects present, and other concerns as well as additional request you wish to include. In this way, it would be a lot easier to attain a smooth-flow of service, thus, ensures a hassle-free moving. Through our guided planning and consultation, we can address any unexpected circumstance that might happen when it comes to travel, valuable concerns, or unpacking issues.
We have the same mover team who will do the service of packing and unpacking for safer delivery of service. As we cater our full and extensive service, our team consistently provides on time schedules and accurate transport of service. Other benefits of our customized service include highly durable packing materials, equipped loading service, a more secure storing following appropriate move in plans as well as dates, efficient moving through our convenient professional service, advanced unpacking service, and many others
Long distance cost of moving service is average $3,500 with the standard weight of 7,000 lbs. at a traveling distance of 1,000 miles. The rate depends on the changes of weight and distance to travel, hence, there are still other factors to be considered that might also affect the entire cost of moving services such as the type of packing or unpacking service, items, and equipment involved in the traveling.

These will all be indicated in the whole quotation of service after you have sent your fully accomplished request form. Aside from that, we also cater to various moving services that you can take advantage of such as the local movers Deer Field Beach service.

Our company has partnered with various institutions, organizations, and areas which catered our service for a long time. These include private residences, government properties as well as utility facilities, office blocks, factories, data centers, plant areas, and industrial workplaces.

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We can discuss more details about our catered services through phone or and you can talk to our well-versed customer service support staff to guide you with any concerns you might have regarding specific service.
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