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In your search for the best Coral Springs movers, consider Sure Way Moving & Storage as your moving team. We are proud to offer a broad range of services to help improve your moving experience and streamline the process of-of getting your belongings safely and reliably to your new location. Moving can be a difficult and stressful experience.  When you are planning a move you may consider relying on friends and relatives to assist you with packing and moving.

This can make your life more hectic at a time when there is already a lot going on. Rather than having to manage the move yourself you may want to consider using professional Coral Springs movers. A professional moving company will make the task of moving much easier.


Professional Coral Springs movers can take care of multiple tasks that include helping with packing, provision of boxes and moving supplies, securing moving and safely storing items that you don’t need at your new location. Preparing for your move can take some time and effort, especially if you have a large home or have been accumulating furniture and belongings for a long time.

What Should I Look For In A Moving Company?

Choose Coral Springs movers that have experience and offer high quality moving services at reasonable prices. You want to hire a moving company that has a team of people who are committed to good customer service. The movers will efficiently handle all aspects of your move including help with packing if you like. Read testimonials from other customers to find out how they rated the moving company. View the gallery of photos to see examples of similar moves.

How Much Will a Moving Company Cost?

The cost of hiring Coral Springs movers will vary depending on factors such as the number of rooms, the weight, and size of your furniture and the location of your new home. The best way to find out how much it will cost is to request an estimate. Before you do so you will need to gather some information. Make a list of the number of rooms of furniture that you need to move. Make a note of any large items or items that are delicate or difficult to move. Determine the date of your move so you can reserve the date.

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How Soon Should I Schedule the Movers?

It is best to secure a reservation with us as early as possible. Contact Coral Springs movers as soon as you know the date of your move. Keep in mind that dates around the end of the month often fill up quickly so it is best to plan as far ahead as you are able. Consider reserving the movers at least a month ahead or longer if you are planning a long distance move. Obtain a quote for the services and make sure that you update the movers of any changes to your schedule or to your needs.

For example, if you find that you will need the moving company to assist with packing you should call in advance and request help. The moving company can also supply boxes and other packing materials that will make packing easier and more organized. When you book your move we will provide you with a free moving kit that includes 10 boxes, bubble wrap, tape and wardrobes.


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