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Moving Companies Weston

Sureway Moving and Storage is the best moving company Weston. Our multi year’s experience, the complete set of trucks sizes and our friendly and proactive staff are the most important factors that differentiate us from our competitors.


What other factors make Sureway Moving the best moving company Weston.

  • Fair prices that allow you to save money in the whole moving process.
  • Our professional support before and during the relocation will make your life easy.
  • Your belongings are protected against accidental damages.
  • We take care of your packing and unpacking under your requests.
  • We can provide the necessary packing material like boxes, tapes, and stretch plastic wrap.
  • We provide, included in our price, straps, blankets, and dollies.
  • Our STORAGE service is available in case you need more time to complete de moving.

Our storage facility is located in Fort Lauderdale and we take care of the transport, loading, and unloading. All your belongings are stored in individuals wood containers, with the best security additionally we offer the organization, and delivery of your belonging even if you are not present.

Consequently, for all these reasons we are the best moving company Weston.

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We are the Weston Movers and this is important to you for several reasons:

We are more effective than other companies that are located far away and have to invest more time and also travel more miles to provide Weston moving services.

We manage all the requirements and regulations of local buildings and condos. In fact, in some of them, we are the only recommended moving company.

Our work is based on an hourly rate, the truck size, and the movers. We always find the right combination to fit your need and budget.

As Weston Movers we know the best strategies for a flawlessly move operation in the neighborhood. We know the best routes and the allowed hours for loading and unloading operations.

From antique and fine art, mirrors or other breakables or valuables fragile objects, we take care of the careful packing and handling to ensure that they´ll arrive intact. We also take care of heavy objects like safe-deposit boxes, pianos, and heavy furniture.

We have been the Weston movers for more than 25 years and we provide a service that is reliable, affordable and that will help you to save your time and energy in conclusion you will achieve your desired results in just a few hours with the piece of mind that professionals are taken care of everything.